Make Your Mobile Charger Look Like a Wall Connector.

What would you rather have?

Our Tesla Mobile Charger mount, makes the mobile charger look like a Wall Connector.

So purchase the NotaWallConnector mount to:

  • Get the look of the Wall Connector without the cost
  • Free yourself from worry on long trips because NotaWallConnector allows you to easily put the charger in your car, but also secures it safely to the wall
  • Organize the charging cable out of the way

So order your NotaWallCharger now, and save $10 dollars as well. And make sure to purchase the Tesla Mobile Charger for your Tesla delivery day.

To start, pick your notawallcharager color below.


79 less 10 dollar
discount - $69.00


79 less 10 dollar
discount - $69.00

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If you don't know much about charging there is a great article comparing the different charging setups at if you want to see the charging speeds of the Wall Connector and the Mobile Charger on different circuits.